Watch this 3-minute video to learn how 
to Structure Your 1:1 Phonics Teaching... 
so you can plan a whole term of teaching in under an hour!
INTRODUCING: The Multisensory Synthetic Phonics Course
Do you struggle to teach phonics?
Even though you've done 
Not anymore. 
This course is for you if...
You are a teacher or home school parent providing support for kids who struggle with phonics in a Tier 3 or one-on-one setting.

You've done loads of study but you're left feeling like you'd be thrown to to sea without a raft.

You're getting dizzy finding resources from everywhere but you're still not sure how to pull it all together to structure your program and lessons.

You're trying to use all that great information from your course but you're left thinking 'Where are the plans?' 'Where are the resources?' 'How do I ACTUALLY do this??'

Maybe you've done the Orton-Gillingham and the multisensory courses and you're left thinking - I'm in! I get it! I get why I need to teach this way!

But how do I actually DO it? 
What should my lessons include? 
How do I write a program??

... this course is the missing link!

The Multisensory Synthetic Phonics Course Includes
10+ Printable Lesson Resources

All the written materials you need to teach phonics like a specialist teacher! 

Ready to use with unlimited access.

Plan a whole term of individualised teaching using our ten-minute assessment tool. No more sitting down weekly thinking 'What should I do next??'

Sequence your lessons easily and quickly using our scope and sequence.

Use precious teaching time wisely by only teaching your students the phonic patterns they don't yet know.

Teach using this predictable lesson format, speeding up your instruction and making it more effective in LESS TIME. No need to reinvent the wheel or waste time teaching things your students already know.

Make best use of the resources you already have to build in repetition and revision to propel your students forward QUICKLY.

No more hunting for (or worse still creating your own!) worksheets and resources. Who has time for that??

Save time and head space - This course provides all the written materials you need to understand the theory as well as all the written lesson materials you need to teach.

Get the best value for money with our printable student workbook you can use time and time again.

20+ Video Tutorials

In these videos, you will learn;

How to assess and plan to laser target the needs of each student you teach so you can make best use of your short time with them.

Exactly how to pronounce phonemes.

How to structure your lessons so you can rapidly accelerate student success without having to plan something new each week.

And the best bit is - I don't just TELL you how to do it, I SHOW you using a lesson example with one of my students.

By the end of this course, you will understand how and why to implement each lesson section with clear explanations throughout.
Don't waste hours trying to piece together all that professional development you've done! 

We've done it for you.

Save hours of planning time. Be clear on what you need to do and why with this step-by-step lesson activity you can use over and over again.

Review quickly and easily when you need to refresh your learning using the short videos. Everything you need to know is summarised in our short, easy to consume videos.

Enjoy lifetime access so you can come back to revisit when ever you like - no stressful time limits (because teachers already have too many of those!!)

Learn when its convenient for you don't you hate it when you find a PD you'd LOVE to do, but you can't wangle the time off work to go do it?? This course allows you to fit this training into your admins, holidays, or whenever you have time. 

Using this course I was able to...
Rapidly accelerate reading AND spelling progress for hundreds of dyslexic students

 Identify and address gaps in their learning with laser precision

 Teach a systematic phonics program that left nothing to chance and provided necessary revision - without increasing my planning time!

Bonuses Included 
 Advanced issues found

Valued at $29

SMART targets for English

Want to rocket your students to success but find writing clear lesson targets difficult?

This swipe file allows you to use my very own SMART targets!

No more struggling to think of detailed and individualised targets - they're all done for you.

Use on your IEPs or to guide your own teaching...

Or help communicate what you're working on clearly with class teachers and parents.

Valued at $29 - it's yours free for purchasing this course today.

This BONUS gives you even more ways to improve your teaching - and their learning.

 - systematic and sequential learning at it's best!


Valued at $190

Teaching Program Audit

Ever wished you had a specialist mentor on hand to talk to about your programming and next steps?

Well now you do!

This personal session with Sarah will provide you with the reassurance you're on the right track to best help those struggling readers.

Valued at $190 - but it's yours FREE for purchasing this course today.

I can't wait to meet you!

Get a FREE, 1 hour 'funk up your phonics teaching' session with Sarah!

This session will provide you with invaluable advice, leaving you with a clear path for your teaching and future professional learning. 

Wouldn't it be great to ask a specialist?? 

Now's your chance!


Valued at $294

Inspired Teachers Community 

Want somewhere to go when you get stuck, or have a student with tricky needs?

Our Inspired Teachers Community is a place you can ask questions, get group coaching and receive tips and advice on an ongoing basis, great for when you just want to check in with a specialist.

Have your questions answered as and when you need help... 

before you buy that expensive resource or next course that may or may not fit your needs! 

Normally $49 per month, it's yours FREE for 6 months for purchasing this course today.

Ask questions...
Talk to other teachers...
Participate in group coaching sessions.
Sarah will be here to answer your questions so you can build out your literacy program like a true specialist.
Let’s break it all down...
Here's what you're really getting...
  • ​The Word Family Method Course - valued at $397
  • ​BONUS 1: SMART targets for English - valued at $29
  • ​BONUS 2: 1 hour 'funk up your phonics' 1:1 coaching session - valued at $190
  • ​BONUS 3: 6 months access to the Inspired Teachers' Community - valued at $49 per month (total value $294)
  • ​Discounts on future programs
That's over $910 in value
Yours today for just $397
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